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The Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum is a group of people who are interested in vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles. We are dedicated to providing educational opportunities about vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles for all ages. The Museum is an entirely volunteer, membership-owned Museum open to people of all ages, with or without a vehicle.

The Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.


The mission of the museum is to promote the life-long education of our community, by interpreting the heritage, history, and evolution of automobiles and motorcycles over twenty-five years old. Appropriate activities generate interest, fund raising, and a sense of fun and camaraderie among the members and visitors.

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We are joining other museums like the Pacific Northwest Truck and Oregon Electric Railway located at Antique Powerland Museum in Brooks, OR, I-5 exit 263, 8 miles north of Salem.


This location, in the heart of the Willamette Valley, within easy driving distance to several million people and the visitors using I-5, would be near impossible to duplicate. The other museums, in place and planned, are assets which can support each other as we grow.


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For the general community, our educational programs for all ages will have a strong emphasis on serving youth. An interest in cars and motorcycles can be life-long and wholesome, a career or an emotional release, or a love affair!

Contact Us:

Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum
P.O. Box 15
Salem, OR 97308-0015

Guide to NWVC&MM Contacts...We’re Here to Serve!


Editor & Board Chairman: 

Doug Nelson, 503-399-0647 dokayllc@earthlink.net



Tom Ruttan, 503-638-1746




Mike Bostwick, 503-245-5444 reb.mlb@netzero.net


Docent Chairman: 

Don Feller, 503-639-1816 d.feller@frontier.com


Speedster Chairman: 

Don Blain, 503-585-8075 djblain@msn.com


Maintenance Chairman: 

Ed Weber, 503-949-4778 edweber10@prodigy.net


Antique Powerland office: 




Display Committee Chair: 

Gene Walker, 503-371-4363


Education Committee Chair: 

Ray Hansen, 503-393-4228 Raywanh@comcast.net


Museum Historian:

Burt Edwards, 503-363-8432


Web Mistress: 

Melissa Becker, 503-848-4616